About us

EKOOSTOJA Foundation

EKOOSTOJA Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which mission is to mobilize local communities in undertaking activities conducive to preserve agri-biodiversity by its economic values. The foundation fulfils its mission by active cooperation with residents of districts: Radomsko, Częstochowa, Włoszczowa and other non-governmental organizations, local self-government administration units, and other participants of widely understood pro-ecological activity. The foundation stimulates and encourages for free information exchange and social involvement in the decision-making process.


Projects which brought concrete results are regarded as the greatest achievements, simultaneously leaving a significant sign in the social awareness. Examples of such projects include:

  • establishing own bee – organic apiary,
  • applying in EU competitions aimed to help the local community and nature protection (in cooperation with social groups to which competitions are directed).

The foundation’s objective is activity for:

  • sustainable development of rural areas, in particular the protection and multiplication of genetic resources and agricultural biodiversity (“agri-biodiversity”),
  • development of organic and biodynamic methods of agricultural production, and the local processing and product originating from them, looking after the cultural crafts of Radomsko, Częstochowa and Włoszczowa districts with support for the provincial region of those districts,
  • environmental and animal protection, as well as natural and cultural legacy on the country areas,
  • promotion of the idea to form the farmers’ associations and other organizations of farmers,
  • promotion of the issues associated with village and organic farming amongst the Polish people,
  • supporting the protection of natural environment, eco-tourism, organic farming and horticultures,
  • supporting development of local organization and promote social integration, Polish culture, tradition and national heritage,
  • supporting traditional professions related to village and farming,
  • conducting business aid for general public,
  • development of the democracy and civil society on country areas.

The foundation pursues its objectives by:

  • activation of local communities in undertaking activities conducive to preserve agri-biodiversity by its economic values (organic farming, local processing and traditional product, agro-ecotourism),
  • implementation of environmentally friendly innovative technologies in country areas,
  • education of rural inhabitants on organic farming, biodynamic and agri-biodiversity, animal welfare and natural heritage with the use of innovative environmental technologies,
  • social and economic activation, as well as diversification of business activity on country areas with the use of cross-compliance requirements in the management,
  • health care and promotion of healthy lifestyle amongst rural inhabitants, as well as protection of consumer’s interests on country areas,
  • development of sport and environmentally friendly tourism on country areas.
  • organization and leading educational seminars, conference, lectures, debates, trainings, workshops, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, presentation, meetings and other forms of cooperation,
  • promotional activity concerning the statutory objectives and other not contrary to statutory objectives,
  • organization and running the office, institutions and specialized centers,
  • collection, update, exchange and promotion of comprehensive information, knowledge and experience,
  • leading consultation and advisory activity,
  • financial support of natural and legal persons,
  • activity for modern technologies, including information technology, as well as information society,
  • activity supporting technically, training, informationally or financially: business entities, natural persons, student scientific circles, self-government units and organizational units, educational and cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations,
  • conducting activity aimed to improve safety, health care, development of education, culture and tourism amongst rural inhabitants,
  • leading loyalty and sale programs aimed to reduce the costs of agricultural production and costs of the functioning of the farm families in the country,
  • organization and funding of scholarships, as well as awards for persons pursuing the objectives of Foundation.