Our offer

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Consulting in EU projects

The offer includes:

  • consultancy with regard to selection of the optimal EU program (competition) to individual and specific customer’s needs,
  • verification of planned project as a part of project documentation and guidelines to Regional and National programs,
  • recommendation of the appropriate solution along with indication of the next selections and chances to obtain support.

After the meeting and information exchange in the planned project, as well as demands for funding, we conduct analysis and recommend the adequate solution. The customer is informed to what should pay attention in order to maximize the chances of project success or what should do in order to be able to apply for funding. Thanks to the current monitoring of often changing guidelines and priorities of programs, we are able quickly to point, how to prepare the project to meet all formal and technical requirements.

Often it turns out that after conducting the preliminary analysis, the project unfortunately has no chance to obtain EU support, and then we inform our customers about this fact. Many customers value us for it and after the short time return to us with a new idea for the project implementation. Many years of experience have taught us one fundamental principle – it’s not an art to prepare the EU project, which has no chance to obtain support!

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Preparation of application documents for EU funds

  • development of business plan, feasibility study, investment,
  • development of application for funding, promotion plan, material and financial schedule, attachments,
  • necessary statements in accordance with guidelines of intermediate bodies,
  • assistance in obtaining the opinion on innovation as a part of established cooperation with scientific units.

In case of positive recommendation of the project by our company in terms of chances to obtain EU support, we begin the work on the project. At this stage we recommend many strategic actions to maximize those chances. The final result of our work is developed application for funding, business plan (feasibility study) and required attachments to application. Preparation of application documents requires from our customers direct involvement.

From experience we know that very good EU projects are created by double-sided cooperation, i.e. the Customer with equally great commitment prepares the business materials necessary for the project. During individual meetings, we indicate how to prepare materials for application in order to achieve the best assessment by experts.